Massive gambling expansion bills


ilcaaapRep. Rita introduces gambling expansion bills

Rep. Robert Rita introduced two gambling-expansion bills this week. HB 2939 legalizes a State-owned casino in Chicago.

HB 3564 would allow five new casinos across the state – including one in Chicago – and would allow slot machines at all of the state’s horse-racing tracks, except for Fairmount Park. Fairmount Park would be added to the bill if the horse track can resolve a dispute that involves its competitor, the Casino Queen. Read more

HB 2939 includes:

  • A massive casino for Chicago with 4,000 to 10,000 gambling positions.
  • The City of Chicago would select the casino site and acquire the land, and the Capital Development Board would oversee construction.
  • Money distributed to the City of Chicago would be used for capital expenditures, public pensions, educational purposes, or a combination.
  • Additional casino revenue would be used for state construction and education

HB 3564 is the massive gambling expansion bill that includes:

  • Casinos in Chicago and the counties of Vermillion, Lake, Winnebago, and the South Suburbs of Chicago (Bloom Bremen, Calumet, Rich, Thornton, or Worth Township)
  • Racetracks in Cook County could have 600 gambling positions. Tracks outside of Cook County could get 450 gambling positions for slot/video gambling machines and virtual table games.
  • Quad-City Downs, which has had no live horse racing in over 20 years, could get 175 machines, with an increase to 450 positions if live racing resumed. A feasibility study is included for slot machines at the State Fairgrounds in Springfield.

HB 335 passed out of the House Executive Committee this week. HB 335 makes the Advanced Deposit Wagering (ADW) pilot program permanent.

  • HB 335 legalizes Internet betting on horse racing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from home computers, Smart phones, I-Pads and tablets.
  • HB 335 impacts live horse racing in Illinois. Illinois Racing Board reports show 11% of the ADW handle is on Illinois Horses and 89% is on Out of State Races. This will not save horse racing, but will make track owners and ADW companies richer.

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Truth-Telling and the Right of Self-Government: Why Obama’s Marriage Lie Matters

Posted at Illinois Family Action:


Written by Carson Holloway

The right of self-government depends upon the ability of voters to give their informed consent in choosing elected officials. If candidates lie, self-government becomes impossible.

When running for the presidency in 2008, Barack Obama misled the voters about his true position on the question of same-sex marriage. This is not an accusation made by one of the president’s political enemies, but an admission made by one of his closest political advisors: David Axelrod. According to Time magazine, Axelrod’s new book about his career in politics reveals that candidate Obama really believed in same-sex marriage, but he publicly said that he opposed it because he feared the electoral consequences of his real convictions.

In response to the mini-burst of commentary and indignation that this news has provoked, Axelrod has complained—not very convincingly—that his story has been distorted. In an interview on the question, he derides criticism of the president’s dishonesty as “gotcha” politics, emphasizing that he never said that Obama had “lied” about his position on same-sex marriage. While it is true that Axelrod did not use the word “lie,” nothing in the interview modifies his original claim that as a candidate Obama—at Axelrod’s own urging—put before the voters a position on a public question different from the one he actually held, and that he did this because he thought it would increase his chances of winning the presidency.

Cynics will dismiss this story as commonplace: politicians mislead voters all the time, they will say. This is a deadly error. In this question, it’s not just the issues in a given election that are at stake. It’s the nation’s commitment to representative self-government—a commitment that is nothing but a sham if candidates for office are not duty-bound to tell the truth when soliciting the public’s votes.

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Freedom from Intrusive Data Collection and National Testing

Originally posted on Minnesotans Against Common Core:

Children working on ipads

Freedom from Intrusive Data Collection and National Testing

States or school districts (or other entities listed below) may find relief from federally imposed data systems, such as the State Longitudinal Data System (SLDS), Tri-State Consortias, States Interoperability Frameworks (SIF) and federal systems such as the Common Education Data System (CEDS) without loosing federal funds.

Some states have presented bills that would diminish either the amount of data collected or limit data distribution of public, private and homeschool personally identifiable student information.   As states work out their bill language, it is important to note that federal funds cannot be suspended or terminated if a state or local educational agency or institution of higher education, community college, school, agency offering a preschool program, or other educational institution does not provide personally identifiable information on students or parents.  (1232i)

Additionally, under 1232j, federal law states that “no funds provided to the Department of Education…

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ESEA House Vote THIS Morning! If you haven’t called your US Representative, You Still Have Time

Originally posted on Minnesotans Against Common Core:

Computer photo




You may use this standard template.  Please do not copy verbatim everything on this list.  Add other items that are most egregious to you and your family.  Ask Rep John Kline to either Sunset the bill, Stop the bill, etc.  You may also ask him to block the Senate Education bill which includes the lengthening of the school day, week and year to basically institutionalize our nation’s children.

Representative John Kline,

I am very concerned about HR 5…

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Concerned Christian Ministries: Ready to Roll in 2015!

Dear Friends,

The 99th General Assembly is really beginning to roll along. Bills are being introduced, with over 2,000 introduced in the Senate already, and almost 3,000 introduced in the House. Before the deadline for filing bills in the House is past next week, we will likely hit around the 6,000 number of bills.

Here are a few of the most egregious bills we are watching:

  • HB 217/SB111–these bills, introduced in the House by Rep. Cassidy (D) and in the Senate by Senator Biss (D) are really part of the homosexual agenda. They pretend to protect children, but in reality, place them in harms way. This legislation bans the use of counseling for children who have unwanted same-sex attractions, only permitting one outcome–affirming that they are homosexual. Counselors are in jeopardy of losing their licenses if they counsel the teens to leave homosexuality.
  • HB 218, HB 1453, SB 753 all move toward the legalization of marijuana, reducing penalties for possession, and in the case of SB 753, going so far as to allow the possession of 5 marijuana plants without it being criminal. The director of the Illinois Consortium on Drug Policy told Channel 2 in Chicago that they expect recreational pot will be legal in Illinois in 3-5 years.
  • SB 1609–a good piece of legislation, actually provides an exemption for Bible Colleges to offer degrees without meeting requirements from the Board of Higher Education. Currently the Illinois Bible Colleges Association has a lawsuit against the State of Illinois for violating their religious freedoms by not allowing them to provide degrees for those training for religious service. The Board of Higher Education even believes it has the right to control faculty in a Bible College. We are working with the new administration to negotiate a solution to this violation of the Constitution.

Committee hearings will begin in earnest in the next few weeks. There will not only be 6,000 bills to review, but also hundreds of amendments to bills to consider. Any one amendment can make a bill that has no problems a major problem for us.

Next week we are planning to introduce legislation in the House for our Bible colleges as well as some pro-life legislation.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support. Without you we could not do the things we need to do. May God richly bless you!!!

In His Service,

Rev. Bob Vanden Bosch

Executive Director, Concerned Christian Ministries, Chatham, IL


ACTION ALERT: IL Legislators will hear testimony on controversial school testing requirements #stopcommoncore #ccss

Originally posted on Stop Common Core Illinois:

The Caucus Blog –

The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) is the new state assessment and accountability measure for Illinois students enrolled in a public school district. PARCC assesses the New Illinois Learning Standards incorporating Common Core and will be administered to students in English-Language Arts and Mathematics. Many school districts are reluctant to accept the PARCC exam and want more time to ensure students are ready to take the tests – but they risk federal funding if they don’t comply.

The House committee on Elementary & Secondary Education: School Curriculum & Policies will be hearing subject matter testimony on PARCC Assessments next Wednesday, February 25 at 4 p.m. in Hearing Room 114 in the Capitol Building.

According to a recent Chicago Tribune article, more than 40 downstate superintendents have asked the state superintendent to delay PARCC testing, saying “the testing initiative has…

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From – Firearm Alert Vol. 10, No. 1

Call to Action – Illinois Witness Slips Needed

The 99th Illinois General Assembly has begun and already the anti-Second Amendment crowd is introducing new legislation to further restrict our rights.  Witness slips opposing these bills are needed.

In our first call to action of the year, we ask our members to voice their opposition to two bills scheduled to be heard on Wed., Feb. 18, 2015 in the House Judiciary – Criminal Committee at 3:30 p.m.. Please file witness slips in opposition to the two following bills before the scheduled hearing time.

HB148 Lost & Stolen Firearms – OPPONENT
Sponsor – Rita Mayfield (D) – Waukegan

Illinois law has required FOID card holders, but not persons illegally in possession of firearms, to report lost or stolen firearms with 72 hours of knowing of the loss since the 2013 Gun Safety and Responsibility Act was passed. Now, as predicted, with HB148 anti-Second Amendment sponsor Rita Mayfield, wants to add even more severe penalties via FOID revocation and felony convictions.

HB265 Firearm Protect Order – OPPONENT
Sponsor – Natalie Manley (D) – Joliet

There are many forms of orders of protection available in IL ranging from orders regarding property, pets, and a number of other orders unrelated to physical or verbal threat against a petitioner. Of the tools available to a judge, a firearm protection order as it currently exists in law, is one of the most important when determined necessary by a court of competent jurisdiction.

HB265 proposes to subvert the judicial discretion by prohibiting the subject of any order of protection from purchasing or transporting a firearm even when the order is unrelated to physical or verbal threats and may pertain only to property or pet arrangements.

When restricting a core fundamental right such as the Second Amendment, it is essential those rights be given a fair hearing before a judge.

What Is A Witness Slip?

It is a paper or electronic form filed with a committee clerk stating support or opposition to a bill scheduled to be heard in committee. The number of slips is reported and read into the record of the bill.

Even though bills may be sent to a committee that is “weighted” to make sure they pass out of committee, having overwhelming numbers of witness slips, either for or against, sends a strong message to the bill’s sponsors and the leadership in the General Assembly of what kind of battle they are facing with law-abiding citizens. We favor hitting a bill hard as soon as it is scheduled for a hearing, and letting our legislators know whether we support it or not.

How Do I File a Witness Slip?

If you are new to filing witness slips, it is helpful to log onto the ILGA website and create an account for filing the slips. By doing this, each time you log in to create a slip, your information is automatically filled in on the slip and all you have to fill in is whether you are a proponent (support) or opponent (against) of the bill and check the box for “record of appearance only”. If you choose not to create an account, you will need to fill in all your information every time you file a slip.

How Do I Fill Out a Witness Slip?

For complete instructions on how to fill out a witness slip, click here! When filling out witness slips, we ask our members to indicate they represent only themselves unless they are an official spokesperson for a particular group, business, or agency.


Illinois Gun Owner Lobby Day
Wed. March 18, 2015

Prairie Capitol Convention Center
Springfield, IL

10:30 a.m. – Doors Open
11:00 a.m. Concessions Open
Noon – Legislative Briefing
1:15 p.m. March to the State Capitol!!
3:00 pm Rally At The Rotunda

Please note the Prairie Capital Convention Center, the march, and the State Capitol are “no carry” zones.

Reserve your seat on one of the many IGOLD buses and avoid all the traffic and having to search for parking!!

Mark this important date on your calendar. If you need to reserve a vacation day before the end of the year – DO IT NOW! This may be one of the most important IGOLD events so far. We know gun free zones are killing zones. It is important we show our new legislators and new governor, Bruce Rauner, that we oppose any further restrictions on our Second Amendment rights and that we support:

*Less restrictions in where we can legally protect ourselves and our loved ones
*The carry licensing fee is too high for many to afford
*The 16 hr. training requirement is excessive, especially when compared to our neighbors in Indiana where no training is required.
*We need reciprocity with other states in order to protect ourselves when we travel in those states.

If you have already received your carry license, this is NOT the time to sit back and become lax!

Those who have taken the training and gone through the licensing process are crucial to the fight and we need you to stand with us and be heard at IGOLD! Save the date! Be there!

IL Gambling Action Alert – SB 746


SB 746 will be heard in the Senate Executive Committee Feb. 18th

SB 746 DOUBLES the number of video gambling machines at truck stops within 3 miles of a freeway interchange that sell 50,000 gallons of diesel/biodiesel fuel a month.

SB 746 opens the door for expansion of video gambling machines in all other establishments.

Truck stops, which are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, have some of the highest video gambling losses in the State.

Illinois has the most interstate highways of any state.  Long-haul truck drivers need to sleep when they stop to get gas and eat.  Studies have shown that gambling addicts drive like drunk drivers.  DOUBLING video gambling at truck stops could impact public safety.

SB 746 requires machines to be monitored through a closed circuit television system in view of ONE employee over the age of 21.  These businesses are understaffed, with one or two employees to ring up sales, stock shelves, make coffee, etc.   Underage gambling and children near machines could increase.

SB 746 requires video gambling establishments to have at least 15% total revenue from the sale of alcohol in 3 years!  This is too little, too late to address the issue of video gambling parlors.

Illinois’ gambling habit out of control

Gambling seems to breed more gambling, writes a columnist for the Illinois Valley News Tribune.

A lot of times, I see just one car outside one of these mini gambling parlors in my neighborhood.  Even if they’re busier than I perceive and they are generating revenue for the city government, what is the cost in terms of gambling addiction, poor spending habits and dollars diverted from the local economy and local business?

Read more.

For immediate action:

  • If your Senator is on the Senate Executive Committee, please call and ask them to Vote NO on SB 746.
  • Share this Alert with your State Senator and ask him/her to OPPOSE SB 746.
  • Share this Alert with your faith community and ask them to PRAY.
  • Forward to 10 others.

For more information, please see:

IL Superintendents urge Common Core testing delay: ‘How can test data be valid under testing conditions like this?’ #stopcommoncore #ccss

Originally posted on Stop Common Core Illinois:

Washington Post –

More than 40 superintendents in Illinois school districts are urging state education officials to delay a requirement that students take a Common Core test known as PARCC this spring, saying that they are not confident that they can administer the test properly and questioning whether the data obtained from the test will have any value.

The PARCC test was created by the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers, one of two federally funded multistate consortia tasked with creating new Common Core tests with some $360 million in federal funds. (The other is the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium.) In 2010, PARCC had 26 member states, but it has suffered major defections since then, with fewer than a dozen states now committed to using the PARCC exam this year. Mississippi pulled out this month, and Chicago Public Schools, the third-largest system in the country, recently decided

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